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Welcome to my Fuzzy Site, This is an information site for you to improve your knowledge skills. You can learn the history of fuzzy logic clicking history. You will find lots of information about fuzzy world by clicking fuzzy logic.

Applications of fuzzy logic and implementations are given in applications part. And you can learn more things about classical logic and other digital, numerical systems.

Fuzzy logic is used in system control and analysis design, because it shortens the time for engineering development and sometimes, in the case of highly complex systems, is the only way to solve the problem.



























Lotfi A. Zadeh is the founder of fuzzy mathematical system. He is known as the father of the fuzzy logic so he is the most wanted person for universities which research artificial systems. He is from Azerbaijan but now LOTFI A. ZADEH is a Professor in the Graduate School ,Computer Science Division, Department of EECS, University of California , Berkeley. He has published extensively on a wide variety of subjects relating to the conception, design and analysis of information/intelligent systems, and is serving on the editorial boards of over fifty journals. His current research is focused on fuzzy logic, computing with words and soft computing, which is a coalition of fuzzy logic, neurocomputing , evolutionary computing, probabilistic computing and parts of machine learning. The guiding principle of soft computing is that, in general, better solutions can be obtained by employing the constituent methodologies of soft computing in combination rather than in stand-alone mode.

























Fuzzy approach is a part of AI (Artificial Intelligence) so we have to learn AIs properties. You can implement many applications after using AI it is completely easy doing useful works after understanding AI, neural networks, genetical algorithms. My latest work was controlling CDMA mobile phones transmission power using fuzzy algorithm. We used matlab fuzzy logic toolbox, fuzzy functions and implemented our project. AI systems are integrated with expert systems which act as humans. AI is mostly used in robotics. The robot is tought many positions for desired work.